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Is an Iranian law firm which has begun its constant professional activities since 2012. Educated Lawyers is providing high quality legal services to international clients in various legal fields from corporate and commercial to shipping and maritime. In these years we could provide the best legal services to most of international companies which wanted to start new business in Iran and this could not be happened without our talented lawyers and financial experts. What set us apart from our competitors, are:  enjoying experienced and educated Iranian lawyers; honesty and integrity at our professional services and being familiar with international legal language.   

 Our main activities:

  • To litigate and give advice on various legal matters like: diverse international commercial contracts, protecting intellectual property rights of our clients in Iran, registering companies and their minutes and providing all services regarding employment law and corporate taxation;
  • Handling legal affairs of Iranians living abroad such as: inheritance matters, divorce, tutorship and Adoption;
  • To litigate before Courts of Iran;

  • And to carry out legal research, launch Due Diligence and having collaboration  with other international law firms around the world;



Educated Lawyers is listed and ranked by number of famous legal websites and this can prove our trustworthiness and quality of our legal services:



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Firm News

  • February 2018 -  Educated Lawyers listed as recommended law firm by British Embassy in Tehran       More...

Our clients

During years of our activities, lots of natural and legal persons have received our services and they all have been satisfied and that is what we are proud of; 

We have been providing legal services to most famous international and European clients;

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Recommended law firm by British Embassy in Tehran